Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I remember Letts Schoolboy diaries.

I remember the Spirograph. They never seemed to come out quite the way they should, largely because the pins would always move in the cardboard backing.

I remember Airfix kits, which I loved glueing together but could never seem to be bothered to paint. Or, if I did, I would make a complete mess of.

I remember refusing to wear turn-ups, mainly because I had gotten away without ever wearing them at school.

I remember in the senior class at primary school the only boys who wore long trousers were those who were unusually tall. There were only one or two of them.

I remember learning how to make French toast by watching Kramer vs Kramer.

I remember going to one of those hi-tech entertainment exhibitions at Earls Court or Olympia and being amazed at the number of people (me included) standing transfixed before a large screen DVD presentation of Roy Orbison's Black & White Night. Forget synthesisers, just serve up some good old-fashioned rock'n'roll.


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