Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I remember when wearing a uniform meant something... (whereas nowadays: on Saturday I went into H Samuel, the jewellers, in Kingston upon Thames, to get a new watch battery, which incidentally, has lasted more than two years because it came with the watch which was a birthday present from my Mum and Dad. I digress. Nice young girl, in a smart dark trouser suit, signifying efficiency, took my details and asked me to call back in an hour or so. Went back at 1pm and nothing had been done. Still in a plastic bag in a drawer. Another man, in a white lab coat, signifying expertise, was berating the man in front of me for using something other than a "special" screwdriver on his watch. "Screws are ruined. Here. Look." And he tried to get the man to look through his "special" magnifying glass at the mangled screw heads. My watch would be done next. Please come back in five minutes. I went back in fifteen. In his white lab coat with his screwdriver he was tightening my screws. I paid my £6.99 and bid him good day. A couple of days later I realised the alarm was virtually inaudible. With my jewellers' screwdrivers (£1 in RKL Tools, my favourite hardware store in Bridport) I took the strap off to find the backplate had been put on upside down. I took it off, corrected it and my alarm now works perfectly. But I don't have a white lab coat, so what do I know?)


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