Sunday, December 18, 2005

I remember Mario Fabrizi, mainly for his parts in the Hancock TV shows and Tony Hancock's film The Rebel. He was also in the TV series The Army Game, playing "Moosh". Its cast list reads like a roll-call of Fifties London comedy actors, including Harry Fowler, Bernard Bresslaw, Arthur Mullard, Harry Towb and of course, the pair who went on to appear in and as Bootsie and Snudge, Alfie Bass and Bill Fraser.

I remember being able to buy four Blackjacks or Fruit Salads for a penny. That's an old penny, of which there were 240 in a pound.

I remember going to Sunday School.

I remember someone throwing a medicine ball at my legs during PE one day in the hall of the Bunyan Baptist Chapel, which we used for such things. I don't know why as we had a perfectly good gymnasium on the other side of the school. As my feet had left the ground just before the ball made contact with me, my body did a quick 45-degree flip and I landed on my face. I'm sure my nose has not been right ever since. I also remember playing Scrabble in French (it was a French lesson) in one of the rooms in the Chapel, which was eventually knocked down and rebuilt as the Kaleidoscope Centre.


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