Saturday, December 17, 2005

I remember the controversy surrounding the Rolling Stones singing "let's spend the night together" and I seem to remember Mick Jagger in an interview suggesting the song was just about spending an innocent evening together. I saw no reason to disbelieve him.

I remember Chucklefoot. [This update posted 19/12/05 - I will probably do this again - I feel I should add some amplification, which, despite it being against the spirit of the blog as a whole, I hope will enhance your (whoever you are) enjoyment: In about 1980-81, my family, my brother's family and my parents went to Cornwall for our summer holiday, renting a cottage in St Blazey for a couple of weeks. During the course of our hols we struck up a relationship with Chucklefoot, both a one-man band and a variable group of pub entertainers, including Nigel, a multi-instrumentalist who came for dinner on our last night and blew me away with his version of I get the blues when it rains. Anyway, Chucklefoot himself, whose real name I can't remember, but that's him in the second picture down on the above linked page, encouraged me to get up and perform on concertina in a pub in Fowey during our middle weekend, for which I got applause, and which inspired me to start practising guitar and ultimately led to my performances in front of people at Sutton and then Claygate folk clubs. Without Chucklefoot...? I hope you understand why I felt this addendum should be blogged.]

I remember Pez sweet dispensers.

I remember Buster Edwards, one of the Great Train Robbers, selling flowers on his stall at Waterloo station.

I remember Rod Stewart on Top of the Pops singing Maggie May with John Peel pretending to play/mime the mandolin. It was rumoured that Rod Stewart had been discovered singing on a railway station. It was a rare treat to have a record that my mates and I could own up to liking appearing on TOTP. I remember buying his album Every Picture Tells a Story on cassette.


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