Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I remember Roger Charles telling us off for not singing loud enough in the carol service.

I remember a teacher, in a lecture to school governors, telling us: "It's just as well we don't teach children to walk at school, or there would be a lot of people falling down all over the place."

I remember buying my daughter a golliwog.

I remember when the Tiffin Fair kept getting bigger and bigger each year.

I remember Ken Barlow saying that the trouble with this country was that rather than working, everyone is waiting for their pools win. Substitute Lottery and it comes right up to date.

I remember Ken Barlow saying there was a documentary on Channel 4 he wanted to watch.

I remember being given a cigarette by my Dad when I was about five. I had one puff and haven't smoked since.

I remember my first guitar. It had Marizza embossed on it and was hanging up in Brady's arcade in Kingston. I still have it.

I remember miming playing the trumpet all the way through a music lesson in the first form at Tiffins because there were a limited number of free music lessons available. I thought if they could see I was a natural player they would let me have lessons. I got lessons, but didn't practise enough so eventually gave up. I still have my mouthpiece and some mutes though. I may even have an embouchure.


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