Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I remember Mr Harman. He was the manager of Streatham 266 back in the days when bank managers were bank managers. I bumped into him on a train yesterday and he remembered me. Especially my juggling skills!

I remember interviewing Millicent Martin for The Stage newspaper. I think it was only for a standalone picture caption, but I was in awe, mainly from the Sixties and That Was The Week That Was (aka TWTWTW, aka TW3). Imagine how in awe I would have been if I'd have known then that she would go on to regular appearances in Frasier.

I remember buying Russell Hoban's The Mouse and his Child in W H Smith's in Bognor Regis at the beginning of one summer holiday at Elmer Sands. I read it in a couple of days and have been hooked on Hoban ever since.

I remember sitting in class in the last year of primary school and not being able to read the blackboard. We used to sit in pairs so if we had to copy anything I would check what my neighbour had written. I think it was Barry Hodkinson. I managed to get away with it until we had a medical during my first term at grammar school. Not only could I not read the bottom line, I couldn't see what the top letter was. Stephen Gatty, who was also in the room, was highly amused. I was sent to an optician and got some glasses - of the Buddy Holly and Hank Marvin variety - which I proceeded to keep hidden in my brief case until my vision had deteriorated even further and I had to be prescribed stronger glasses, which I managed to bring myself to wear in public. So different from Eliot, who is completely unselfconscious, no matter what the problem. I remember going to see him rehearsing with Fragile. His back brace that he had to wear because he had scoliosis was slung in the corner while he had temporarily taken it off.


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