Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I remember playing guitar for Richard Harvey and Graeme Taylor in their band Cherrywood (named after Graeme’s telephone exchange), long before their fame and success with Gryphon. It was at a hall in Weybridge, which I would recognise if I saw it again, but I don’t know why they asked me, as I didn’t have a clue what we were playing and spent the entire gig with my back to the audience.

I remember the Punch and Judy man (Percy Press) who used to perform at the Tiffin Fair each year. He got a credit in the Russell Hoban novel, Riddley Walker.

I remember restaurants I used regularly to go to with my family - The Key in Wimbledon, one by Kingston Horsefair I can’t remember the name of, The Pot in Earls Court, Stars in Putney, a pizza place on the bank of the Thames at Richmond which burnt down, Clouds Kingston Hill...

I remember being given a Hopalong Cassidy watch by my Mum and Dad.

I remember falling off my bicycle while I was approaching a kerb at the wrong angle. I had to go and have three stitches in my knee at the Nelson Hospital. I was seven.

I remember Big Chief I-Spy’s farewell phrase - odhu/ntinggo.

I remember queueing outside the Raynes Park Rialto to see Annie Hall. The Rialto showed films a month or so after the main cinema chains - the Odeon, Gaumonts and ABCs? - but at a reduced price. I also remember about 10 years earlier seeing Merrill’s Marauders there with some friends during the school holidays. We were commandos scouring the countryside all the way home, which included a brief escapade across the unmanned crossing that used to cross the railway.

I remember being fascinated by an oscilloscope.


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