Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I remember bumping in to Edward Woodward and Michele Dotrice at the Slipway pub/restaurant in Port Isaac. I realised it was them while we were eating. After they left they obviously went for a short stroll and when I saw them come back to their car I just had to rush out and tell him, only slightly gushingly, that I thought The Wicker Man was one of the best British films ever made, and his contribution to it helped make it so. He seemed genuinely pleased, and we chatted a while about all the interviews he had been doing for the DVD re-release. Of course I told Ms Dotrice that Some Mother's do 'ave 'em was a notable achievement as well.

I remember my Dad telling me not to buy a Cliff Richard single - I think it was Living Doll - on 78rpm, as they would soon become obselete. So I got it on 45rpm.

I remember one year keeping my watch on GMT for a whole summer.

I remember Winfield, Canda and St Michael were the brand names under which goods were sold at Woolworths, C&A and Marks & Spencer.

I remember Sparky's Magic Piano.

I remember wet fish shops.


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