Friday, November 05, 2010

I remember Jim Greenwood, and was so saddened to learn that he passed away in September. Have just read numerous biographies about what a great rugby player/coach/writer/thinker he was. But what an inspirational English teacher he was. I am beginning to hate reading Tiffnews.

I remember winning 10 shillings from Jim for having the best covered English exercise book. I believe I cut out a cartoon Scot in kilt with all the regalia and stuck it on a piece of Fablon. There were probably some words on there too. I think he was supposed to be Macbeth. I was into cutting and pasting even then. And humour.

I remember Jim kicking a hole in his desk and later on saying how worthy David ‘Polly’ Pollard was to have tried to fix it.

I remember sitting in the garden of the Canbury Arms with several other boys and three English teachers - Jim, Alf Monk and Bernard Harrison. I do not know if this is a true or false memory.

I remember Jim instilling in me a love of Shakespeare, DH Lawrence, John Donne, John Clare, Zen Buddhism and – indirectly – Dennis Potter.


Anonymous Martin Howard said...

Thank you for remembering and reminding me of Jim as an English teacher at Tiffins. Even though I had no interest in Rugby (was I the only person not to buy a copy of his book for him to sign?), he inspired a love of English literature. I remember his wild temper (did we really lock him out of the classroon one day?), and the holiday to Italy in his Rover, having to finish the bottle of whiskey at Dover as we returned through customs. We met Alf Monk, lovely softy teacher, in Venice.

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