Thursday, September 28, 2006

I remember when you only had one dustbin.

I remember a book we had at primary school about a log floating down through the Great Lakes. And another about a penny. And another about Pestalozzi children.

I remember, when I was a highly regarded bank manager (not), lending Alan Kewn £100 to pay his phone bill so he could get his PR company off the ground. I liked the look of him - he had long hair and a Liverpool accent. What better credentials would someone wanting to get on in the pop business need? I am sure the statute of limitations covers this as regards breaking confidence, and anyway it was in another lifetime. And, thank God, I don't work for the bank any more. But he still has his PR business which appears to be thriving. And he came to my leaving do so I expect he remembers me.

I remember my headmaster telling us to look up a word we didn't know and during the next week we would be guaranteed to come across the word again. The other day I was surprised to have to explain to a fellow sub that pawnbrokers used to be referred to as "uncle". Within a week I had heard the expression used twice - in Upstairs/Downstairs and The Pawnbroker, both repeated on TV.


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