Saturday, May 31, 2014

I remember my collection of milk bottles. Not just any old milk bottles, they had various advertising slogans on them, such as Cadbury’s hot chocolate. And they were delivered by the milkman.

I remember while reading Strandloper on the bus to work one morning hearing a group of schoolgirls chanting ‘fee fi fo fum, if you lose you lick my bum’. And giggling. Couldn't see what the game was, but the reason I mentioned Strandloper was that it includes several references to that and similar nursery rhymes.

I remember Gig Young in a TV series about a small town newspaper.

I remember the album for That'll Be The Day on the Ronco (better known for television advertising) label. It was a double album, with one album of originals and the other hits of the eponymous film’s era.

I remember downloading Lew Soloff's album Little Wing the other day. What I didn't remember was that I had already downloaded it – presumably a while ago. I knew that I had downloaded the title track ages ago and that I hadn't really understood it, but listening to my mp3 download of the album, I now get it. And now I have it in flac I'm sure the world will be a better place.

I remember my harmonium. One if its stops had written on it 'Vox Humana'. Human voice. One of its reeds was a little off-key so eventually I had to slide it out of its seating and I just couldn't play that note. Can't remember if I sold it, gave it away or dumped it. But I remember going to get it one night from a house in Godalming. On the roof rack of dad's car. I suspect I saw it advertised in Exchange & Mart.


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