Monday, June 29, 2015

I remember seeing Isaac Guillory, Jimi Hendrix, Joe Scurfield, Maggie Boyle, Peter Bellamy, Bob Copper, the Amazing Mr Smith…

I remember reading Buster, Look and Learn, the Airfix magazine…

I remember watching Torchy, Four Feather Falls, Mr Pastry, Whack-O!, Crackerjack…

I remember walking back to the Beehive in Elmer in the dark from the Black Horse (I think that was the name of the pub) in Climping. It was pitch black and something leapt up and ran away – we thought probably a pig. It was pretty scary.

I remember prefabs. I think there were some near the church round the corner from us (Holy Cross). I’m sure there were some on the way to Kingston.

I remember Tempo. It sold electrical goods. Again there was one on the way to Kingston.

I remember my dad doing judo and wood-turning at night school. Perhaps he just bought a lathe and did wood-turning for fun. But one of the extras from Dad’s Army was in his judo evening class.

I remember giving one of my children a piggyback (or carrying them on my shoulders) along the Thames at Richmond, presumably after a pizza at the rather good pizzeria there was there (with our then favourite waiter, John) when I slipped on some wet moss and ended up on my bottom.

I remember the Old Gits (PA) and the Glee Club (Mail on Sunday subs).

I remember looking up ‘cunt’ in the new edition of the Penguin English Dictionary. A first.


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