Friday, May 31, 2013

I remember the starlings come down at this time of year and feed their young. The young who are bigger than the adult birds. They stand around making lots of noise while the adults grab bits from the feeders then fly or walk over to the babies and feed them. Not exactly teaching them how to hunt or anything. But it’s fun to watch.

I remember having an argument (very unlike me) with a bus driver because he hadn’t stopped at the bus stop by Carshalton Beeches station, despite me standing by the door, presumably in his line of sight, expecting him to stop because it was a standard bus stop, not a request. I rang the bell as soon as I realised we were sailing past the stop but he carried on and I got off at the next stop and walked back to the station. But not until I’d had a few words with him. I would have been more articulate had I remembered the word for ‘request’. He insisted that his instructions were only to stop when someone rang the bell or put out their hand. Which I said was ridiculous unless it was a request stop. As I walked off the bus I called him a name. Moron? Retard? (No!) Can’t remember. Imagine my surprise when I found that that is exactly what they are now supposed to do. They are eventually going to get round to telling people this, that in effect all bus stops are request stops, but not until quite a few people have missed their stop or missed their bus.

I remember Charlie Peace. He was a character in (probably) the Buster comic that I used to get. Later I found that he was an actual villain, though possibly mythological – a sort of latter day Robin Hood, without the giving to the poor aspect I suppose.

I remember Edie Brickell singing Good Times, the video of which came free with one of the Windows operating sytems. And Weezer’s video of ‘Oo-ee I look just like Buddy Holly. Oh oh and you’re Mary Tyler Moore’.

I remember the Black Museum. Ron Detheridge was supposed to be getting me in to have a look around through his police contacts. And now he probably has his own entry there!!!


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