Monday, October 31, 2011

I remember Eliot doing me a shot from inside the fridge on FaceTime.

I remember Ray Krebbs. He was a character in Dallas. He was a good guy, of which there were not many.

I remember thinking Malcolm Le Maistre didn’t quite fit into the whole Incredible String Band thing.

I remember seeing a lizard in Cornwall this year, in the dunes below Brea Hill. A young guy had caught it and was as amazed as I to find one there. You used to find loads when I was younger, but I thought they had all died out (especially compared with how many you find on the continent) although I did see some on Golden Cap a year or two ago.

I remember trying to update iTunes. And my iPhone to iOS 5! Nightmare!?! Good grief. But I think other people might have had it worse. My favourite is the upgrade causing the place names on Google maps to be in Chinese.

I remember Bert Jansch, Steve Jobs and Sir Jimmy Savile.


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