Monday, June 30, 2008

I remember being involved with the Lambeth Summer Project, a police/community initiative designed to break down the tensions and the barriers between the coppers and the youngsters of Lambeth. Mr Harman, late bank manager at Streatham 266, volunteered me and all I really did was to turn up to committee meetings and agree or disagree with things.

I remember Mr Shayler, another manager of Streatham 266, and his prosthetic eye. He had had a tumour removed, but boasted that he was able to sleep at the back of a meeting at area office without being found out because his eye would still be open.

I remember seeing a woman walking through Richmond Park dragging what looked like three tyres on ropes behind her - presumably training for something or other. I was driving so was unable to stop and find out what.

I remember the first time I drove on a motorway - the M1 - in driving rain, with convoys of lorries throwing up spray so you could hardly see a thing, when the loom burnt out on my (my Mum's?) Ford Anglia. Drove the rest of the way without lights but had a jolly good few days as I remember with Richard Jackson and others (Gareth Davies?) at Nottingham University. Rod Stewart was singing Maggie May on Top Of The Pops - with John Peel on mandolin. Hated motorways from then on until one of my Cortinas had wing mirrors, then I was OK. Although the smell of burning wiring still sends shivers...


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